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All Major CC's Accepted
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Call Now! 1-888-847-9022
Phone Sex for 7 Minutes is only $17.50
Each additional minute is only $2.50 each
Two Girl Calls are only $3.50 per with a 7 min minimum
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Phone Sex Company Information

The best phone sex service/s have a lot of experience, explain their billing procedures, protect your identity, and provide quality adult entertainment. To put it simply, a phone sex company must provide you will what you want and need. Not only can we provide all of it and more, we surpass a caller's expectations.

1.) We have been in business since 1995. That's over 20 years of experience in the phone sex industry. We are not a "fly-by-night" service. We'll be here tomorrow, next week, next month, and for more years to come. This company is our primary business.

2.) Everything we do is above board, legal, professional, and honest. We are a genuine business that is incorporated, have a lawyer, an accountant, and an adult audiotext merchant account. We are a registered adult business. We believe that if clients knew some of the improper phone sex girls and companies out there that they'd be a lot more careful with where they spend their hard earned cash. Many companies do not follow proper protocols, or even the law. A major problem in the phone sex industry is that many times a company or solo operator does not have their own legit adult audiotext merchant account. This would mean they have lied to the bank to accept credit cards. That is the main cause of the "fly-by-night" companies. They get caught and shut down in an instant and your information is involved in that mess. This is why we feel our track record and longevity in the phone sex industry is so important to share with you.

3.) We value professionalism. We bill your call to the minute and never add on extra time. We have a phone system that tracks everything. We treat our clients and callers with the utmost care. We understand that giving your credit card information to us may feel a little "scary" at first, but we assure you that you will quickly see that we go the extra mile to verify identity and details. We have procedures in place that are our "secret" to your benefit, safety and to our success.

4.) We have a manager on duty Monday through Friday who is available to sort out any problems or issues that you may have. We are human and not perfect so it is possible that we may make a mistake. Reporting it to us as soon as you notice it will help us fix any billing mistakes immediately. We always charge clients honestly. If we have made a mistake then we will always correct it.

5.) We keep your information encrypted and only use it for billing. Our operators never have any access to your personal details. All billing methods are secure, discreet, and very precise. We do not send details via email or unencrypted forms to anyone in our company like many independent girls must do. We have perfected our billing system and keep up with virus protections, trojan protection etc. Only the dispatching answering the phone has access to your info, that's just one person at a time.

6.) We are selective with our operators. We look for lovely voices, intelligence, good personalities, and even evaluate their ethics. We also look for ladies who have no taboos and are open mined. We treat our operators well, so you may notice that some girls remain with us for many years.

7.) We believe in your fantasy. We do not limit any topics of conversation, there are no rules or terms that define what you can or cannot discuss. This means we have a welcoming open door policy to your most taboo fantasy. If you have "dark" fantasies, we don't mind! We have a girl that will enjoy the things you do, or that specializes in that scenario. If we don't, our girls still love to learn and are open minded and we will figure out who will workout best with you.

In closing, we back up everything we say on our website/s and any phone sex caller that is looking for a stable, professional phone sex service will find a happy place with this company.

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