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All Major CC's Accepted
Billed Privately and Discreetly

Call Now! 1-888-847-9022
Phone Sex for 7 Minutes is only $17.50
Each additional minute is only $2.50 each
Two Girl Calls are only $3.50 per with a 7 min minimum

Phone Sex Billing and Rates Info

Billing is one of the most important factors when calling a phone sex service. We want to explain in detail how our billing works so you can have full confidence in 2 Pump Chumps.

We have a 7 minute minimum to all calls. And that costs a flat rate of $17.50. Every minute longer that you talk you are charged $2.50. There are NO connection costs, NO additional fees, and here at 2 Pump Chumps our girls will not string you along to keep you on the line. We get you on the phone and then we get your dick off.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover. You may use a credit card or a debit card to pay. Regular callers may use a prepaid card any time they'd like and as often as they'd like. Billing is discreet.

When you call we will put a "hold" on your card for your phone call. Your call will be billed AFTER you finish it for the exact time that you have talked. We typically put about $40 on hold, but you can ask to only do the minimum 7 minutes and that is all we will put on hold and we will set a time limit to your call so that you cannot talk longer.If you request the "limit" you will get a one minute warning beep before your call gets cut off. You and the girl will hear it so you both know. Being as you are calling the 2 Pump Chump line.... you probably only need the 7 minutes and will likely never hear the warning beep.

If you are connected to a girl and talk less than a minute and can instantly feel she is not the right girl for you then hang up and call back in. You won't be charged and we'll find you someone new. This only applies if your call is 1 minute long. And please do not abuse this just to test out each girl. We will cut it off and begin to charge you if it happens too often. We ARE charged for every minute you are on the line. We pay a per billing rate on the toll free number so if it begins to cost us too much then we can't let you keep doing it. This explanation is not meant to be a threat, we are simply explaining how it works on our side of the line too.

You can always check your account the day after your call. If you see any billing errors you can immediately contact us to correct it. It's rare, but it does happen once in a while.

You are directly connected to the operator in her home. We are not a "call back" service. Your call doesn't start until the girl answers her phone. All conversations are private and are not recorded.

We only discuss your account with you. If your significant other would call the number next to our company name on your billing statement, she will be redirected to have you call us. We don't tell wives anything.

No reoccurring charges will ever appear on your card unless you have made a phone call to us first and had a call with an operator.We don't tack on an extra minute or two, there are no tricks. Just honest billing for your call.

And lastly, your call will be fun, unrestricted, and very pleasurable!

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