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Phone Sex for under $20.00? Yes! It's possible! All you need is to get off so there is no need for a fantasy, a roleplay, or great big long introductions! Let's get to it, cut to the chase because you've probably already got your cock prepared and only need finished off! Phone Sex is simple here... we get you "on" and then we get you "off" fast! We specialize in phone sex for for under achievers, those watching their budget, and well... guys that are just 2 pump chumps. If it only takes you a few minutes to whack it and squirt, then we'll help you out. So all you premature ejaculators come on in, we'll never be disappointed in your urgency.

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Phone Sex Quickie
It's no secret some men are in a hurry to get off. You may disappoint women in your real life with 2 pumps, but we won't complain... we'll encourage it! It's gonna be the best 7 minutes you've ever beat off in! Welcome to 2 Pump Chumps where you are encouraged to be a premature ejaculator!
2 pump chumps
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You may be used to a standard phone sex service that tries to drag out your time and creating a massive unexpected bill. Our Motto is that "Quickies Rule" and you've got 7 minutes to finish with us for under 20 bucks. That's probably 5 whole extra minutes than what you need! You'd better hurry up and call us now.... otherwise we may miss the whole damn thing!

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